Young Creators Academy

Young Creators Academy

creativity and skills for tomorrow beyond tech and curriculum

Young Creators Academy is a multidisciplinary framework designed to foster applied creativity and practical skills among kids 4 - 94 through software coding, storytelling, dance, art and robotics while strengthening social and human values in contact with nature.

Our Young Creators learn to create and tell their own stories by creating videogames using tablets, discovering that games are nothing but interactive stories where the reader plays an active role. But in doing so, they also develop math skills, practice problem solving, learn about variables, logical statements and coordinates at an early age... all while having fun.

Our supplementary programs on dance, music and visual arts include special sessions and interactions with professional dancers, artists, anthropologists and musicians who accompany them to produce artistic creations while stimulating and actively engaging their senses.

Throughout the program they learn to use technology as a creative tool that allows them to learn how to draw better, create songs, create interactive maps of the people and places they love and to tell stories you can control.